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Why donate?

I love beautifying the streets, and I want to continue to do so-your donations will really help me get the supplies and tools I need to continue to create my work.  

I put hours of hard work, pain and risk into doing my art. I do it because I love art and I love sharing my artistic vision with the people and the street’s. I see how a sculpture or piece of art would lively a block up or turn a once unnoticed grimy metal fence into an interactive piece of art. I want to give people a real experience, Stun them into belief-- so they can feel something astonishing and different from what they are used to seeing in street art.

It can be hard to continue my art when I’m unsponsored. I love spreading my art all over Brooklyn and want my cats to be everywhere, but materials can get costly. Sculptures can also get removed which is especially hard. Your donations will really help keep me a float at times when I put everything into my work just so it gets taken down in a couple of days.

So please if you’re a fan of my work please donate! Your donations will really help me grow and eventually spread Strayones across the globe!