Strayones is a sculptural street artist from New York City who creates life-size steel wire cats that organically interact with the urban environment. For ten years Strayones' artistic practices were rooted in graffiti, but it was when he began exploring sculptural street art he fell in love with three dimensional forms and the way they affect space.

 Strayones’ cats are fierce and dramatic, creating theatrical scenes that loom above crowded streets. His steel wire cats appear to be in effortless motion – fighting, struggling to scale the side of a building, scurrying across the top of a fence, hunting rats and pigeons, or romantically rubbing heads. While the spaces in which Strayones chooses to place his work would be out of reach to other forms of street art, they are perfectly unique niches for urban stray cats.

 Throughout his work Strayones focuses his lens on creating sculptures reflecting the interplay of struggle and strength to survive in an ever changing urban environment.

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